Grim Reapers aka _GR is known as one of the oldest clans in the Populous community. It was led by E_Raven, an old EA player. He built up GR to an succesfull clan in the world of Populous. Unfortunatly, due school he couldn't continue leading Grim Reapers and gave it up. That's why Grim Reapers died in end '00. (Site got deleted in 2002).

Now the day, a former GR member Noob4life revived GR with the mission to lead GR to the top again. Grim Reapers is a clan that stands for: Respect, Dignity, Honor and Loyalty. It's a clan where friendship is goal nr. 1. We offer our members training by our more experienced players, new friendships and the pride to wear our clantag. If you think you are worthy enough to join Grim Reapers, go to the apply page for more information. NOTE: Our members play in Wildman Productions' Ressurrection Matchmaker only due the many clan options they offer us.

~The GR Management